Magellan's Law Corporation

We've closed

Our original focus

We created Magellan's Law / MLC Data more than a decade ago to provide products and services to law firms; specifically, we developed and offered a discovery management tool (the qd documents™ software), a best practices product (the Litigation Best Practices in a Box™ guidebook); and related classes and consulting services.

How things have changed

Over the past several years, our business has changed and those products and services have become less central to what we do. Our work shifted toward custom business software and the development and management of business processes related to that software.

While a substantial part of our business continued to come from law firms, a significant and increasing segment came from manufacturers, retail chains, service businesses, and other privately held companies.

Our decision

We felt that our existing business, Magellan's Law / MLC Data, no longer appropriately represented what we do.

And, because the custom software part of our business had been growing so rapidly, we also realized that we needed to hire more staff and take on another partner.

For those reasons, we decided to close Magellan's Law / MLC Data after twelve years of operation.

We thank all our clients for their business and support during those years.


Jane, Jim, and Micky

July 31, 2016

P.S. To see what we’re doing now, visit: